12V LCD Monitor AC Power Adapter with 5.5 x 2.5mm Connector

12V LCD Monitor AC Power Adapter with 5.5 x 2.5mm Connector
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12V LCD Monitor AC Power Adapter with 5.5 x 2.5mm Connector12V AC to DC Power Adapter for LCD monitors and other devices

  • compact Size
  • Input is 100--240V, 50-60Hz (worldwide use)

    Connector: round shape, outside diameter 5.5mmm, inside diameter: 2.5mm

  • Operating Temperature: 0 40 degree C
  • Storage Temperature: -10 70 degree C
  • MTBF: 20,000 Hours (minimum) at full load

    Output Specifications:
  • Output Voltage: 12V
  • Maximum Current: 5A

    *Note:The current output of a AC adapter varies: it depends on how much the device needs. For example, if a AC power adapter maximum current output is 5A, it does not mean the AC adapter current output is 5A. It just means the power adapter current output maximum capacity is 5A, actual output current can be anything between 0~5A, depends on the device need.

    This AC power adapter works for most LCD monitors that require 12V vlotage less than 5A current, including but not limited to:

    Acer LCD Monitors:
  • Acer AC501, Acer AC711, Acer AC915, Acer AF705, Acer AL506, Acer AL511, Acer AL512, Acer AL532, Acer AL712, Acer AL713, Acer AL715, Acer AL716, Acer AL722, Acer AL732, Acer AL922

    AG Neovo LCD Monitors:
  • AG Neovo F-415, AG Neovo F-417, AG Neovo F-419, AG Neovo LCD Monitor, AG Neovo M-15, AG Neovo S15T, AG Neovo S15V, AG Neovo S-17, AG Neovo S-18, AG Neovo S-19, AG Neovo X-174, AG Neovo X-215

    ADI LCD Monitors:
  • A2304 / A500 / A5000 / A501 / A502 / A505 / A700 / A701 / A704 / A707 / A904 / I600 / I610 / MJ15 / MJ175 / MX15 / S500

    Action LCD Monitors:
  • All kinds of monitors

    AOC LCD Monitors:
  • LM520 / LM720 / LM729 / LM800 / LM914

    Batesias LCD Monitors:
  • BALT15 / BALT17S / BT-1711 / CL-150P / V171RTNRA / V171RUXRA / V171RUXRSA / V172RTNRA / V175RUXRA/ V175RUXRSA / VMT201-1-D

    BenQ LCD Monitors:
  • BenQ FP2081, BenQ FP450, BenQ FP547, BenQ FP553, BenQ FP557, BenQ FP563, BenQ FP567, BenQ FP581, BenQ FP581, BenQ FP591, BenQ FP731, BenQ FP747, BenQ FP751, BenQ FP767, BenQ FP791, BenQ FP855, BenQ FP991

    COMPAQ LCD Monitors:
  • LCDs with a power rate at 12v, 5A, 60 watt or below

    CTX LCD Monitors:
  • P922E / PV500BT / PV505B / PV520 / PV5500B / PV700 / PV700B / PV720 / PV720A / PV7201 / PV722E / PV722I / PV740MDV/ PV910MD / PV910MDB/ S500

    Envision LCD Monitors:
  • EN-5100 / EN-5200 / EN-7100S / EN-7500 / EN-8100E / EN-9110

    FMI LCD Monitors:
  • All kinds of monitors

    GEM LCD Monitors:
  • GL-500A / GL-556A / GL-70FA / GL-822A/ GL-715A/ GL-812A/ GL-821A/ GL-822 / GL-822A / GL-150L/ GL-180TUA/ GL-1821A/ GL-190Z2/ GL-1920A/ GL-1920B / GL-1920S / GL-JT166S / GL-L17AAM / GL-T2315U

    HITACHI LCD Monitors:
  • LCDs with a power rate at 12v, 5A, 60 watt or below

    KDS LCD Monitors:
  • KDS Radius RAD-5, KDS Radius Rad-7c, KDS Radius Rad-9P

    Megavision LCD Monitors
  • HitachiMV140/ MV151/ MV170/ MV171/ MV173

    Mitsubishi LCD Monitors:
  • Mitsubishi DV150

    NESO LCD Monitors:
  • LD500 / LD500V / LD530 / LD700V / LD730/ V700 / V700D

    PLANAR LCD Monitors:
  • PL120 / PL150 / PL170 / PL170M / PL171M / PL190 / PL190M / PL191M / PL191 / PX171M/ PX191

    Princeton LCD Monitors:
  • Princeton Senergy 2081, Princeton Senergy 561, Princeton Senergy 561, Princeton Senergy 561, Princeton Senergy 751, Princeton Senergy 850, Princeton Senergy 981

    PRELUDE ADI LCD Monitors:

    PROVIEW LCD Monitors:
  • PL566 / PL766 / PL866 / PL966 / PRO758

    SAMPO LCD Monitors:
  • PD-40FA11 / PD-40FA11M / P5011MS / P504M / P507M / PD-70FA16 / PD-70FA26M / PD-70FA56 P7011MS / P702M / P707M / P704M / P705 / PD-80A11 / P902M

    SLIMAGE LCD Monitors:
  • 100D / 100DWHI / 180TUA / 1920A / 200A / 400A / 401MSR / 510A / 610A / 710A / 821A

    TATUNG LCD Monitors:

    US LOGIC LCD Monitors: LT15A / PV1710 and all other LCD monitors

    VIEWSONIC LCD Monitors:
  • Q170 / Q170B / VE150 / VE170

    **Note:This 12V AC to DC power adapter has a fixed connector, it is round shape, outside diameter is 5.5mmm, inside diameter is 2.5mm. This connector will fit a lot of different brand LCD monitors on market. If you are not sure whether this will work for your LCD monitor or other device, you can select our 12V~24V Universal Notebook & LCD Monitor AC Power Adapter , which has has adjustable DC output (range 12V ~ 24V) and 6 most common interchangeable connectors.

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