Super High Capacity 12V & 19V Battery Pack - BP160

Super High Capacity 12V & 19V Battery Pack - BP160
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For 19V power, a
lternative 19V battery ( BP220) is available

For 12V power, alternative 12V battery (BP90-12V) is available

Super high capacity, long run time, external rechargeable universal battery pack for laptop notebook computers and other devices. Made with high quality Panasonic Li-ion battery cells.

  • It has up to 2-3 times longer battery run time (188 Watt-Hour capacity, compared to 40~60 Watt-Hour capacity of most notebook computer batteries) Battery capacity may change from time to time. It was 153Wh, 159Wh before Oct. 2018. Starts from Oct. 2018, it has larger capacity: 188Wh
  • Its universal platform works for most of the notebook computers on the marketplace.
  • Its compact size can easily fit into a laptop/notebook carry bag.

  • Optional connector tips:
    The connector size on battery output cable is 5.5 x 2.5mm barrel connector. If this size does not fit your device, you may order an optional C series connector tip or connector tips kit with the battery pack, such as this 12 connector tips kit:

    Battery Package with optional connector tips:

    You may order battery pack with or without optional interchangeable connector tips

  • Technical Specifications
    Capacity:188 Watt-Hour *
    Battery Cell:Panasonic
    Input Charging Voltage:DC 12 - 19V
    Output Voltage:12V/19V + 5V USB Port
    Operation Current:12V/19V Port: Max. 5A; USB Port: Max. 2.1A
    Charging time:4-6 hours
    Size:270.00 x 145.00 x 32.55mm
    Power Indicator:4 level LED indicator
    Built-in Protection Circuit:- Over-charge
    - Over-discharge
    - Over current
    - Over temperature
    - Short circuit protection
    Included in Standard Package:- Battery x 1
    - AC Charging Adapter x 1
    - Adapter Power Cord x 1
    - DC Car Charging Adapter x 1
    - Power Cable x 1
    - Plug Tips x 12 or more **
  • Battery capacity may change from time to time. It was 153Wh, 159Wh before Oct 2018. Starts from Oct. 2018, it is larger capacity: 188Wh.
    We may discontinue some old tips and add some new tips without notice. Actual connector tips may not be exactly same as the pictures show.
    Note: There are many different ways to rate a battery capacity on market. For your information, a typical 6-cell internal notebook battery capacity is about 49 Watt-hour, a typical 12-cell internal notebook battery capacity is about 98 Watt-hour.

    IN -- Battery input port for connecting to battery charger
    OUT -- Battery power output port, connect to output cord.
    ON/OFF -- This On/Off switch controls output port power.
    USB -- 5V USB port with a cover

    You can use the 5V USB Port on the battery to charge cellular phones, MP3 player or other small electronics that can be charged from a 5V USB port. However, the battery pack does not come with any cable for connector tips for this USB port. Our optional Z4 cable and connector tips will work with this 5V USB port.

    We also offer a VESA Mount Kit to mount this battery to the back of LCD monitors:

    battery with VESA mount kit
    VESA Mount Kit is available as an option.

    Comparisons of External Battery and Internal Battery

    BP160 External Battery

    Traditional Internal Battery

    How to Charge batteryHas its own charger. Battery can be charged anytime without the laptop/notebook computer. Very convenientMust put battery into laptop/notebook computer or use expensive proprietary charger to charge battery
    How to use batteryPlug to the laptop/notebook computer's DC power input plug, plug and play.Insert the battery into the laptop/notebook computer's battery bay.
    CompatibilityCan be used for 90% of laptop/notebook computers on the market. When you upgrade your laptop/notebook computer, you may still be able to use the battery for new laptop/notebook computer.Every internal battery is proprietary. Different laptop/notebook computer needs different battery.
    Other usageCan provide 12V and 19V DC power for other electronic devices also.Can only be used for designed laptop/notebook computers.

    How this battery works:

    Charge the battery: This battery has its own AC battery charger and 12V car charger. You can charge it from any 110V or 220V AC power source or from a car 12V cigarette lighter socket with the 12V car charger. Both the AC charger and the 12V car charger need to connect to the In port of the battery pack.

    To quickly charge the battery, we recommend to charge the battery fully while it is not in use.

    The BP160 is specially designed to be able to charge and discharge at same time. However, since each lithium battery has limited charge/discharge cycles (around 500 cycles), it is not recommended to use the battery when AC power is available.

    LED lights:
    Press to check battery power level

    2. Set correct output voltage:
    After the battery has been fully charged, set the voltage output of the battery close to your notebook DC power input requirement (which is same as your notebook AC power adapter's DC output voltage).
    This battery has a switch to set the voltage output at 12V or 19V. 12V is compatible with 11V~13V, 19V is compatible with 18V~21V.

    If your device DC power input requirement is 11V ~ 13V or 18V ~ 21V, you can use the output cable to power your device directly from the battery Out port like this:

    If you have a car charger for your device, you can use this battery together with your car charger to power your device. To do so, set the battery output voltage at 12V and use a Cigarette Lighter Socket Adapter to convert the battery output port to a cigarette lighter socket like this:

    The cigarette lighter adapter is optional, not included in the battery pack.

    3. Select right tip:

    Included with your battery is a output cable with more than 18 different connector plug tips.

    One end of the cable(Z6 cable connector) will connect to the battery output port. The other end has a 5.5 x 2.5mm connector which will fit a lot laptop notebook computers and other devices.

    If the Z6 cable connector does not fit your laptop notebook computers, you can use any of the included connector plug tips that work with most laptop notebook computers. With the plug tips not connected to the output cord, locate the correct one by fitting it into your device's DC Jack. The tip should fit snugly in the DC jack. Then, plug the tip into the Z6 output power cable.

    3. Plug the connector and output cord

    After selecting right connector, plug it into the Z6 output cord, then plug the output cord to the battery output port:

    Just that simple. Now you are ready to use it !

    If your notebook internal battery is a working battery and has been fully charged, you can leave it in your notebook. Otherwise, we recommend you removing the internal battery from your notebook to maximize the external battery running time.The external battery will still work fine if you leave the non-charged internal battery in the notebook, but it may not reach the maximum running time. This is because it charges the internal battery at the same time it is powering the computer.

    How long can this external battery run ?

    This battery's capacity is about 188Wh(Watt-hour):
    you can compare this battery's capacity with your internal battery capacity to figure out how long this battery can run your notebook. For example, if your notebook internal battery output is: 10.8V & 4000 mAh, then, your notebook internal battery capacity is:

    11.1V x 4400 mAh = = 49 Wh (Watt-hour).

    If your internal notebook battery can run 2 ~ 3 hours, then the external battery pack can theoretically run about : 7 ~ 10 hours.

    This is a rough estimate. Actual running time varies, depending on notebook computer's configurations and what kind of applications running . For example, screen brightness, the use of the CPU, the hard drive, the CD drive, and other peripherals results in an additional drain upon the battery, effectively reducing the battery's run-time. The total run-time of the battery is also heavily dependent upon the design of the notebook. To ensure maximum performance of the battery, optimize the computer's power management features. Refer to the computer manual for further instructions.

    Combine 2 ( or more) batteries together to provide more running time:

    If you need more running time, you may connect 2 batteries together in parallel with BiXPower Y25 Split Connector :

    Y25 Split Connector Not Included

    Cautions: To link two batteries in this way, please make sure:

    1. The output voltage of two batteries is set at same.

    2. Any single battery has ability to power the powered device by itself.

    The purpose of link two or more batteries together is to provide longer running time without interruption. There this no balance control between two batteries . One battery may output more power than another battery and run out of power earlier than another battery. This will not be a problem if a single battery output power is enough to run powered device. However, if the powered device power demand is more than a single battery capability, it may run to problem when one battery run out of power earlier.

    Notes: Only a few BiXPower batteries ( such as BP90, BP100, BP160 and BP220 batteries) have been specially designed to allow multi batteries to connect in this way. Other batteries may not be allowed to be connected together in this way (unless specially mentioned).

    You may also use multi Y25 Split Connectors to Daisy Chain more batteries to provide even more power. Please make sure all batteries output voltages are set at same. Fully charge each battery separately before connect them together.

    The battery regular Z6 output cable can fit Y25 connector female end, which will be combined output port in this case. You may use BiXPower Special Cable with On/Off Switch : which can be used power output cable directly without battery regular Z6 output cable.

    Warranty: One Year limited warranty. The one year limited warranty covers manufacturing and quality defects only. Please note that batteries wear out with use. The amount of charge a battery can hold gradually decreases due to usage and aging, which is normal, and this is not the issue covered by warranty.



    Passengers can carry most consumer batteries and personal battery-powered devices. Spare batteries must be protected from damage and short circuit. Passengers can bring two (2) larger lithium ion batteries (more than 8 grams, up to 25 grams of equivalent lithium content per battery) in their carry-on. This size covers larger extended-life batteries such as the BP160 battery.




    Spare lithium batteries are prohibited in checked baggage.


    Protected from short circuit means that a battery terminals are protected from being touched by metal. When metal such as keys, coins, or other batteries come in contact with both terminals of a battery, it can create a circuit or path for electricity to flow through. This can cause extreme heat and sparks and even start a fire. To prevent short circuits, keep spare batteries in their original packaging, a battery case, or separate pouch or pocket.


    YES. BP160 Battery Packs are built within a protective aluminum alloy scratch resistant shell. Built in circuitry protection also protects against thermal run-away and overheating.

    PLEASE NOTE: THIS IN INTENDED AS INFORMAL GUIDANCE MATERIAL ONLY. For further information, please go to http://SafeTravel.DOT.Gov

    For TSA security restrictions, please go to

    This battery can stand vertically with the optional Vertical Base.

    Vertical Base is optional, not included.

    We also offer optional  VESA Mount Kit to mount this battery to the back of  LCD monitors:
    battery with VESA mount kit
    VESA Mount Kit is available as an option.

    If  you have a car charger for your device, you can use this battery together with your car charger to power your device. To do so,  set the battery output voltage at 12V, use an optional Cigarette Lighter Socket Adapter to convert the battery output port to a cigarette lighter socket like this:

    The cigarette lighter adapter is optional,  not included in the battery pack.

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