Compaq Presario 900 & Evo N1005 Hard Drive Installation

Compaq Presario 900 Series & Evo N1005 Series Notebook Hard Drive Installation Guide:
  • 1. Turn off the computer.
  • 2. Disconnect the AC adapter and all external devices.
  • 3. Remove the hard drive by following these steps:
    a. Turn the computer bottom side up with the right side facing forward.
    b. Remove the TM2.5 8.0 hard drive retention screw 1 (Figure 5-6).
    c. Slide the hard drive forward 2 to unseat the hard drive connector from the system board.
    d. Lift the front edge of the hard drive 1 until it rests at an angle (Figure 5-7).
    e. Remove the hard drive from the hard drive bay 2.

  • 4. Remove the four PM3.0 3.0 screws 1 that secure the hard drive to the hard drive bracket (Figure 5-8).
  • 5. Slide the hard drive out of the hard drive bracket 2.
  • 6. Reverse the preceding procedures to install the hard drive and hard drive bracket.

    Note: Hard drive brackets are not included with the hard drives. You need to re-use the hard drive brackets when you upgrade the original hard drives with the compatible hard drives listed on this page.

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