Internal Slim 50-Pin IDE PATA DVD Writer Drive - 8X Double Layer

Internal Slim 50-Pin IDE PATA DVD Writer Drive - 8X Double Layer
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Recordable DVD/CD Mobile Computer Drive. DVD +/-R, DVD +/-RW, CD-R/CD-RW Combination Drive, 8X Double Layer.

This drive brings DVD recording to the mobile world and gives users a stepping stone to move from CD to DVD technology (for creating and storing family photos, files, videos, etc.). Based on the DVD +- R/RW format, combination drives support the most widely compatible DVD standards, giving consumers the highest level of compatibility with legacy DVD devices. This slim-drive supports writing DVD +-R/RW.

If your laptop/notebook has an internal CD drive, you may replace it with this DVD +/-RW & CD-RW combo drive. This drive will fit a lot of different laptop/notebook computers. We are sorry that we don't have a detail compatibility list for this drive.

  • Supports for DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, disc read & write
  • DVD+R Double Layer 2.4X
  • Defect management for reliable data writing
  • Buffer Under Run Free Technology


    General Features:
  • Black bezel
  • IDE interface
  • Data Transfer Speed: up to 33.3 MB/s (UDMA Mode 2)

    Write Speed:
  • CD-R: 24x
  • CD-RW: 24x
  • DVD±R: 8x
  • DVD+R Double Layer: 6x
  • DVD-R Dual Layer: 6x
  • DVD+RW: 8x
  • DVD-RW: 6x

    Read Speed:
  • CD: 24x
  • DVD: 8x

    Regulatory Approvals:
  • CE
  • TUV
  • cULus
  • VCCI
  • MIC
  • TUV
  • Semko
  • WEEE

  • Interface: EIDE / ATAPI
  • Dimensions 128mm x 12.7mm x 128mm
  • Buffer Memory: 2MB
  • Drive Mounting: horizontal/vertical

  • Horizontal or Vertical Mount
  • External Dimensions (W x H x D): 128mm x 12.7mm x 128mm
  • Warranty: 1 Year limited warranty

    BUS Interface
  • IDE Interface Connector, 50 Pin I/F ATAPI Standard

    Will this drive work for your laptops? You can find out the answer by compare this drive with your current optical drive:

    1. This drive height is 12.5mm. If your current drive height is 9.5mm, you can not use this drive. If your current drive height is 12.5mm, go to Step 2.

    2. Compare the rear connector: This optical drive has a 50-pin ATAPI IDE Interface Connector like this:

    If your current drive rear has a different connector looks like this:

    Then you need to click here to order a SATA optical drive.

    3. Compare front bezel: This drive front bezel is a straight rectangle shape. The dimension is: 0.5" (12.7mm) x 5.04" (128mm).

    Tray Loading Drive Front Bezel

    If your current CD or DVD optical drive is 12.5mm high, has the same rear connector and front bezel, then you can replace it with this new DVD burner DVD writer.

    How to change optical drive front bezel:

    If your original drive front bezel shape is different, you may try to remove the drive front bezel from original drive and re-use it on this new drive. To change drive front bezel, you need to:

    Open the DVD drives The drive can be opened using a straightened paper clip pushed into the emergency eject hole.

    The clips highlighted in the next photo need to be gently pressed open to remove the face plate.

    Now the faceplate needs refitting to the replacement DVD drive and the DVD drive needs to be inserted back in the laptop and the screws put back in the original positions.

    Rear Connector Note: Some laptop/notebook computers may use rear connector adapters to change the position and shape of the rear connectors. In this case, you need to remove that rear adapter from original drive and re-use the rear adapter with the new drive.

    Tech Note:This drive is a bare drive only. Some laptops may use mounting frames or a caddy around the bare CD drive for easy swap. You need to re-use the mounting frames or caddy in order to use this new drive.

    You can check our Laptop/Notebook Upgrade Guide. If this drive is directly (which means you can see an "Add to Cart" button) listed under your notebook model page, it means it should fit your notebook computer. But the front bezel color and shape may not match your original drive front bezel color and shape, so it may not look perfect.

    Installation Notes
  • This drive has no jumpers that need to be set
  • For clearance around the front bezel, it is recommended that a clearance of more than 0.8mm should be left in all directions.
  • This drive does not require any unique device drivers for Windows '98/2000/XP/NT/Vista. After installing your drive and re-booting, your system should recognize your drive. Win '98/2000/XP/NT/Vista Operating Systems support all ATAPI drives naively.

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