12V 40Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Prismatic Battery Pack -LP500

12V 40Ah LiFePO4  Lithium Prismatic Battery Pack -LP500
Item #: BAT-LP500-12
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12V 40Ah (512 Watt-hour) Sealed LiFePO4 Lithium  Prismatic battery pack.


Recommendation: Do not forget ordering the battery with Quick AC Charger if you do not have the AC charger. Our AC charger can fully charge the battery from 100V ~ 240V AC power source just in 4 ~6 hours.

Excellent substitute for traditional lead acid batteries.

Model No.
  • LP500-12
  • Sealed Lithium Fe Prismatic
  • Nominal Voltage: 12.8 V
  • Minimum Voltage: 10V
  • Maximum Voltage: 14.4V
  • 40Ah @ 12.8V
  • 512 Watt-Hour
Charge Voltage Limit
  • 14.4V
Max. Charge Current
  • 15 A
Continuous Discharge Current
  • 80 A
Burst Discharge Current
  • 90 A
  •  9" x 8" X 7"
  • 8.5kg (or 18.7 pounds)
Operate Temp. Charge
  • 0~45 ℃
Operate Temp. Discharge
  • -20~60 ℃
Storage Temp.
  • -20~40 ℃
Cycle Life
  • 2000 Times
PCB Safety Function
  • Cell balancing
  • Over-discharge
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-charge
  • Temperature protection

The lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, also called LFP battery, is a type of rechargeable lithium battery with LiFePO4 as a cathode material.

Output Connectors:

The battery comes with One Red and One Black Power Binding Post connectors. These two removable post connectors can be configured in many different ways for connecting to your devices.

LiFePO4 batteries  have many advantages over Lead-acid batteries:

  • Much longer life time: LiFePO4 battery total life cycles are about 2000 times, which is 6-7 times longer than Lead acid battery and 2-3 times longer than NIMH battery and other lithium battery, also maintenance free.
    Fast Charging: This LiFePO4 battery only takes about 4 ~ 6 hours to be fully charged.
    Lighter Weight: The LiFePO4 battery weight is  about 1/2  of   Lead-acid battery with same capacity. 
    Easy Carrying and Installation: LiFePO4 batteries can be carried and installed in any direction, while Lead-Acid batteries need to be carried and installed in upright position.
  • Environmental-friendly,no heavy metals, rare metals. Sealed Lead-Acid battery made serious pollution of the environment,and other Lithium manganese no pollution but containing heavy metals. LiFePO4 batteries is environmental friendly, have no heavy metals, rare metals.

  • LiFePO4 battery vs. Lead Acid Battery

    Battery Type

    LiFePO4 Battery

    Lead Acid Battery


    LFP Battery

    Lead acid Battery

    Easiness of manufacturing

    More difficulty


    Voltage fluctuation in working

    Remains stable with different output

    Voltage fluctuation based on output

    Cycle life
    (Residual capacity over 5%)

    1500 ~ 3000 cycles  (Eqivalent of around 10 years life)

    150~300 times (Life is estimated 1~2 years)


    Very stable and very little affection by output current

    Suffer a big affection in by output current. Capacity will be much smaller than rated capacity when output current is large.

    Depth Of Discharge (D.O.D.)


    50% ~ 60%

    Self discharge rate (per month)

    1~1.5% (Capacity remains over 80% even the battery is idled for one year)

    30% (Battery capacity drops near to zero if it is unused for 3 months)

    Fast charge capability

    Capable of using 1C~3C charging rate (Charge to full capacity can be finished within 20 minutes)

    Maximum charging rate is 0.2C (It needs at least 6 hours to fully charge the battery)

    Max. discharge rate



    Discharge working temperature ℃



    Memory effective



    Thermal stability



    Weight (Compare to the same capacity)

    1/2 of weight to lead acid battery

    comparatively heavier weight


    Any direction

    Upright position is necessary


    Mild warm, no explosion and firing

    Dangerous of acid leakage

    Environmental conform-ability

    Conforms to RoHs standard

    Violet RoHs standard;Lead and sulphate acid are pollutant

    Disposition of used battery

    No recycle required

    Needs special recycle, after treatment utility

      One key advantage for LiFePO4 batteries is the superior thermal and chemical stability, which provides better safety characteristics than lithium-ion batteries with other cathode materials. Due to significantly stronger bonds between the oxygen atoms in the phosphate (compared to the cobalt), oxygen is not readily released, and as a result, lithium iron phosphate cells are virtually incombustible in the event of mishandling during charge or discharge, and can handle high temperatures without decomposing.

    LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery also offers a longer cycle life over standard lithium ion batteries. Standard lithium ion batteries normally can recharged about 500 times. LiFePO4 batteries normally can be recharged about 2000 times.

    Use the battery directly:  The battery output power is directly from battery cells without voltage regulation. When the battery is fully charged, its output voltage is 14.4V, then output voltage will decrease gradually. Most of the time, the output voltage will be around 12V ~ 13V (nominal voltage is 12.8V). When the voltage drops to 10V, the battery will shut off and stop providing power.

    Use the battery with a DC to AC inverter: If you have a 12V DC to AC inverter, you can use the inverter to convert the battery 10V ~ 14.4V DC to 110V or 220V AC.

    DC to AC Inverter not included.

    Polarity: The battery has two output connectors: one is marked +, which means Positive, one is marked -, which means Negative. 

    It is CRITICAL that you determine your device polarity before using the battery and connect to the battery correctly in polarity. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN SEVERE DAMAGE TO YOUR PRODUCT!

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