2GB 533MHz Notebook Memory Kit ( 1GB x 2 )

2GB 533MHz  Notebook Memory Kit ( 1GB x 2 )
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This memory kit is consist of two identical 1GB memory modules.

DDR2 memory can operate the external data bus twice as fast as DDR SDRAM. In order to take advantage of this, you need to use two same type memory modules, install them in pair.

DDR2-533 SO-DIMM Kit- 2GB (2048 MB, 1 GB x 2)
  • PC4200,
  • DDR2-533,
  • 1.8V,
  • 200-pin SODIMM.

    Note: DDR2-xxx (or DDR-xxx) denotes data transfer rate, and describes raw DDR chips, whereas PC2-xxxx (or PC-xxxx) denotes theoretical bandwidth (though it is often rounded up or down), and is used to describe assembled DIMMs. Bandwidth is calculated by taking transfers per second and multiplying by eight. This is because DDR2 memory modules transfer data on a bus that is 64 data bits wide, and since a byte comprises 8 bits, this equates to 8 bytes of data per transfer.

    Note: Actual product(s) may not look exactly same as the picture(s) because of fast changing of the computer industry.

    Please use our Laptop/Notebook Upgrade Guide to find right memory modules by the laptop computer brand & model.

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