Optical Drive Installation Guide -HPCQ7000

CD/DVD/CDRW/DVDRW Drive Installation Guide for HP zd7000 & Compaq nx9500 laptops.

1. Prepare the notebook for disassembly. Shut down the notebook. Disconnect all external devices connected to the notebook. Disconnect the power cord. Remove the battery pack.
2. Remove the memory module/Mini PCI compartment cover .

3. Position the notebook with the front panel facing you.
4. Remove the PM2.55.0 screw (1) that secures the optical drive in the memory module/Mini PCI compartment.
5. Remove the PM2.58.0 screw (2) that secures the optical drive in the battery bay.
6. Push on the back of the optical drive (3) through the opening on the left side of the memory expansion/Mini PCI compartment.
7. Remove the optical drive (4).

Reverse the above procedure to install an optical drive.

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