Dell Inspiron 300m Palm Rest Removing Guide

Dell Inspiron 300m Palm Rest Removing Guide

CAUTION: Before you begin any of the procedures in this section, follow the safety instructions in the Owner's Manual.

NOTICE: Disconnect the computer and any attached devices from electrical outlets.

NOTICE: To avoid ESD, ground yourself by using a wrist grounding strap or by touching an unpainted metal surface on the computer.

NOTICE: Read the instructions in General Safety Guidelines for Working with Notebook Computers.

1. Remove the battery.

2. Remove the keyboard. (See details in Keyboard Removing Guide )

3. Turn the computer over, and remove the three M2 x 4-mm screws from the bottom of the computer.

4. Turn the computer over, and open the display.

5. Remove the six M2 x 4-mm screws on the palm rest.

6. Lift up and rotate the palm rest forward.

7. Lift the ZIF connector, and disconnect the palm-rest flex cable from its ZIF connector on the system board.

8. Lift the palm rest up and out of the computer.

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