Satellite 1605, 1620, 1625, 1640 Series

Toshiba Satellite 1605, 1620, 1625, 1640 CDS/CDT Series Notebook Computers
  • System Type: Laptop ;
  • CPU: AMD K6-2 Processor
  • Standard Memory: 32MB or 64MB (soldered) ;
  • Maximum Memory: 160MB or 192MB
  • # of Memory Slots: 1

    Hard Drive Installation Guide:
  • Unplug AC power cord, remove internal battery
  • Turn machine over and remove the three screws in the middle labeled with a "K" on the bottom of the case. This secures the keyboard.
  • Next, remove the cover on top of the keyboard that says Satellite on the right and has all the functions written on it beginning with ON light on the left. Easiest way to do this is to open the LCD wide open and pry gently around this cover. It will pop off. The cover encases the "ON" button.
  • Next, remove 4 screws on the top holding down the keyboard. Lift the board up and out towards the top of the unit to disengage.
  • Next, two screws hold the hard drive in. Unscrew and pull the hard drive to the right with the little grab extention that will be obvious. Make sure the blue (or gray) plastic thin cover that sits between the right side of the keyboard and the unit gets placed back to where you see it. It just sits there like insulator between the keyboard and the machine itself.
    Note:Some model may have more screws need to be removed beside the screws we mentioned in above Installation Guide. Please be careful.

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    Car ( Auto ) DC Power Adapter for Notebook Computers
    Car ( Auto ) DC Power Adapter for Notebook Computers
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