SOLO 2300LS, 2300SE, 2300XL

GateWay2000 Solo 2300 Series Laptop
  • Standard Memory: 16MB (removable)
  • Maximum Memory: 192MB
  • # of Memory Slots: 3
  • Memory Type: SDRAM

    Gateway Solo 2300 Series Hard Drive Installation
  • 1. Locate Hard Drive on the right side panel.
  • 2. Open Hard Drive bay cover.
  • 3. Gently pull the Hard Drive out by the pull-tab.
  • 4. Remove the 4 screws that secure the tray to the hard drive.
  • 5. Gently remove the tray from the old hard drive and assemble it onto the new hard drive.
  • 6. Slide the new hard drive into the hard drive compartment

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