12V ~ 21V AC Power Adapter for Notebook Computers

12V ~ 21V AC Power Adapter for Notebook Computers
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12V ~ 21V AC Power Adapter for Notebook Computers This Universal Output Adjustable AC to DC Power Adapter has adjustable DC output (range 12V ~ 21V) and 6 most common connectors that can be used with notebook computers, LCD Monitors and other devices.

  • Input Voltage: AC 90 -- 264 V , can be used worldwide.
  • Input Frequency: 47 -- 63 HZ
  • Over-Voltage Protective Installation
  • Short-circuit Protective Installation
  • Protection Type: Auto-Recover
  • Efficiency: 83% -- 88%
  • Output Voltage: 12V, 15v, 16v, 18v, 19v, 20v, 21v, 7 Section adjustable
  • Max. Output: 82 VA Max.*
  • SIZE:120(L)X70(W)X50(H)mm (4.7" x2.8" x 2")

    *Max Output = Vlotage Output x Maximum Current Output
    The current output of a AC adapter varies: it depends how much the device needs. For example, if a AC power adapter maximum current output is 3A, it does not mean the AC adapter current output is 3A. It means the power adapter current output maximum is 3A, actual output current can be anything between 0~3A. If a AC adapter voltage output is 12V, maximum current output is 3A, then the maximum output of the AC adapter is 12V x 3A= 36VA. It can be replaced with a AC power adapter that the maximum output > 36VA, as long as the voltage is same and the DC plug fits.

    How it works :

    1. Set DC Output Voltage

    This Universal AC to DC Power Adapter has a switch on the front that lets you select the voltage you need within a range of 12V ~ 21 volts. Please refer to the electronic item you are powering to determine voltage. It should be marked on the DC input jack. You may also refer to the manual to determine the proper voltage setting.

    2. Select right tip:

    Included with your adapter are 5-plug tips that work with most products. With the plug tip not connected to the adapter cord, locate the correct tip by fitting the tip into the DC Jack. The tip should fit snugly in the DC jack

    3. Set Polarity & Plug the tip

    After you have selected the proper plug tip, you need to connect the plug tip to the adapter cord to match the correct polarity setting. The instruction sheet come with the adapter will tell you details of how to to this

    Just that simple, now you are ready to use it !

  • A : 6 . 3 (O.D) X 3 . 0 (I.D) X 11 (L) mm .
  • B : 5 . 5 (O.D) X 2 . 5 (I.D) X 11 (L) mm .
  • C : 5 . 0 (O.D) X 2 . 1 (I.D) X 11 (L) mm .
  • D : 4 . 75 (O.D) X 1 . 7 (I.D) X 11 (L) mm .
  • E : EIAJ 6 . 5 (O.D) X 4 . 3 (I.D) X 11 (L) X 1.4 (PIN) mm .

    About the Tip Size: 5.5 x2.5mm means the connector's outside diameter is 5.5mm, inside diameter is 2.5mm, 6.3x3.0mm means outside diameter is 6.0mm, inside diameter is 3.0mm ...

    Package Including:
  • AC to DC Power Adapter: x 1
  • AC Power Cord (with USA plug) x 1
  • DC Connector Tips


    If your device needs 12V ~ 21V DC power, the DC plug looks similar to one of connector tips shows on the following picture, then this AC power adapter should work for you.

    For laptop/notebook computers, please use our Laptop/Notebook Upgrade Guide to look at your laptop/notebook computer. If the adapter is listed under your laptop, it means it will work for your laptop.

    Notes: This AC Power adapter can provide continuous power to your laptop/notebook computer and charge the laptop battery from 110V~220V AC power source such as electrical plugs on the wall . If you are looking for a power adapter which can power your laptop and charge the laptop battery from Car/Boat/Airplane, you need looking for our Car (Auto) DC power adapter.

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