Optical Drive Installation Guide for Compaq /HP Notebooks -X6000

Optical Drive Installation Guide for Compaq Presario X6000 & Compaq/HP nx9600 Notebooks.

1. Follow the procedures in General Safety Guidelines for Working with Notebook Computers.

2. Remove the PM2.08.0 screw (1) that secures the optical drive to the notebook.

3. Insert a thin tool, such as a paper clip, into the media tray release hole (2). (The optical drive media tray releases from the optical drive.)

4. Use the media tray frame to slide the optical drive outward (3).

5. Remove the optical drive.

Reverse the above procedure to install an optical drive.

Although the internal optical drives listed on this page will fit this computer, the drive front bezel color and shape may not exactly same as original ones.

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