Optical Drive Installation Guide for IBM ThinkPad R40e

Before you begin
  • Turn the machine off.
  • Disconnect the AC adapter.
  • Remove the main battery.
  • Remove the keyboard

    To remove the CD drive:
  • 1. Remove the single screw.
  • 2. Slide the CD out of the drive bay by first pushing the L-shaped bracket near the screw location.

    There may be sharp objects next to the bracket inside the square opening, or under the metal cover.

  • 3. Complete removal of the drive from outside the system.

    To install the optical (CD/DVD/CDRW/DVDRW) drive
  • 1. Slide the optical drive into the drive bay.
  • 2. Secure with the single screw.
  • 3. Install the keyboard.

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