ThinkPad 770 P233MMX (9548-30U, -31U, -32U; 9549-1AU)

IBM ThinkPad 770 P233MMX (9548-30U, 9548-31U, 9548-32U; 9549-1AU)
  • Standard Memory: 32MB (soldered)
  • Maximum Memory: 256MB
  • # of Memory Slots: 2
  • Memory Type: SDRAM
  • Notes: Installing the 128MB SDRAM Module for configurations above 160MB will require the ACP patch version 1.0 for ThinkPad 600, 770, 770E from IBM. For ThinkPads with memory expansion slots positioned one above the other, install the largest capacity module into the top expansion slot. Either SDRAM or EDO memory may be used , but may not be mixed

    IBM® ThinkPad 770, 770X, 770Z Hard Drive Installation
    1. Remove battery pack.
    2. Locate the hard drive compartment on the left side panel towards the back.
    3. Turn the notebook upside-down.
    4. Remove the 1 flat head screw that is securing the Hard Drive.
    5. Remove the Hard Drive cover.
    6. Gently slide the Hard Drive out of the its compartment.
    7. Gently slide in the new Hard Drive into the notebook, making sure that it is firmly connected.
    8. Replace the Hard Drive cover.
    9. Replace the 1 flat head screw that was removed in step 3.
    10. Replace the battery pack.

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      16V AC Power Adapter for IBM ThinkPad Notebook Computers -A54
      16V AC Power Adapter for IBM ThinkPad Notebook Computers -A54
      Item #: NBAC-16V525
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