IBM ThinkPad T41, T41p (2373xxx, 2378xxx, 2379xxx)

Parts for ThinkPad T41, T41p Series Notebook Computers.
Computer Model Type #: 2373xxx, 2378xxx, 2379xxx. x--means any number or letter, such as:
  • 2373-1FU, 2373-1HU, 23733HU, 2373-4GU, 2373-4JU, 2373-4KU, 2373-7FU, 2373-7JU, 2373-8RU, 2373-8SU, 2373-9EU, 2373-9FU, 2373-9HU, 2373-9KU, 2373-AEU, 2373-AHU, 2373-ALU, 2373-AMU, 2373-ANU, 2373-GEU, 2373-GGU
  • 2378-DEU, 2378-DFU, 2378-DGU, 2378-DHU, 2378-EEU, 2378-EFU, 2378-EJU, 2378-EMU, 2378-ENU, 2378-EPU
  • 2379-DJU, 2379-DKU, 2379-ERU, 2379-ESU

    Original Computer info:
  • CPU: Intel Pentium M 1.4~1.7Ghz
  • Standard memory: 256MB~1024MB
  • Maximum memory: 2GB
  • Memory Sockets: 2
  • Other info: Machine may ship with a 30GB, 40GB, 60GB Removable Hard Drive. Machine may ship with an optional secondary hard drive depending on system configuration. BiX currently does not have secondary hard drive upgrade solutions. Machine has 2 Type I/II or 1 Type III PC Card Slot. Machine may ship with 256MB, 512MB or 1GB of RAM and an Intel Pentium M processor with speeds ranging from 1.4 GHz to 1.7 GHz.

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    1024MB (1GB) 200-Pin DDR Memory for  Notebooks -PC2700
    1024MB (1GB) 200-Pin DDR Memory for Notebooks -PC2700
    Item #: ME1024DDR333P200
    Out of Stock
    Retail Price: $119.00
    Our Price: $79.95

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