HP Pavilion DV1000 Series

Computer Parts for HP Pavilion DV1000 Series Notebook Computers, such as:
dv1001AP dv1001XX dv1002AP dv1002XX dv1003AP dv1004AP dv1005AP dv1005EA dv1006AP dv1006EA dv1007AP dv1007EA dv1008AP dv1009AP dv1009XX dv1010AP dv1010ca dv1010us dv1011AP dv1011EA dv1012AP dv1012LA dv1013AP dv1014AP dv1014LA dv1015AP dv1015LA dv1016AP dv1017AP dv1018AP dv1019AP dv1019EA dv1020AP dv1021AP dv1022AP dv1023AP dv1024AP dv1024LA dv1025AP dv1025LA dv1026AP dv1027AP dv1028AP dv1029AP dv1030AP dv1030EA dv1031AP dv1032AP dv1033AP dv1034AP dv1035AP dv1036AP dv1037AP dv1040ca dv1040us dv1042qv dv1044LA dv1045EA dv1045LA dv1049cl dv1049EA dv1050EA dv1055EA dv1057EA dv1060us dv1061EA dv1063EA dv1064EA dv1065EA dv1065us dv1066EA dv1067EA dv1068EA dv1071EA dv1074EA dv1075EA & More...
Original Configurations:
  • Processor: Intel Celeron or Pentium M 1.4GHz ~1.8GHz
  • Memory: 256MB ~2GB
  • Maximum Memory: 2GB
  • Memory Sockets: 2
  • Original Hard Drive: 40GB~80GB
  • Display:14" WXGA (1280x1024)

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    1024MB (1GB) 200-Pin DDR Memory for  Notebooks -PC2700
    1024MB (1GB) 200-Pin DDR Memory for Notebooks -PC2700
    Item #: ME1024DDR333P200
    Out of Stock
    Retail Price: $119.00
    Our Price: $79.95

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